Time to Start Thinking About Corporate Gifts and Employee Gifts

Yes, yes we know. Everyone is sick of hearing stories that begin with "In these tough economic times.....". It has been a tough year for nearly everyone we know. Each of us has had to make some sacrifice, but we also need to remember that each of us has something to be grateful for as well. It is with this spirit of gratitude in mind that Gold Medal Wine Club invites you to start thinking about who you know that deserves a truly wonderful corporate gift this holiday season. It's September now- it's not too early to start thinking about it.

Perhaps you have an employee who graciously continued to work hard for you when she knew she wouldn't be getting a raise this year. Maybe you have several clients who weathered out the storm with you and continued to send business your way to spite the economic crunch. What about that friend of yours who recommended your business to an acquaintance and it ended up turning into a large and profitable client? People like this are part of our lives and this year, more than ever before, they need to recognized.

Gold Medal Wine Club membership is a very special gift perfect for your employees, clients or good friends. Each month, Gold Medal selects two award-winning bottles of hard-to-find, boutique wines that make any day special. Your friends, colleagues, employees and clients will remember that you cared enough to give them a gift that keeps on giving-every month. These are no ordinary wines either. Most are not found in stores. They are small-production wines lovingly crafted by family-owned wineries. These are wines that have won awards, high marks or glowing accolades from highly respected wine critics.

Gold Medal offers special pricing and services for corporate gift giving. Volume discounts are available and shipments can be customized to meet your needs and budget. We have five different wine of the month clubs to choose from, for different palates and price points.

Why not enhance your corporate image and create instant goodwill? Give us a call (800-266-8888) now to customize a wine club gift for all your favorite employees, friends and clients.

We would like to extend a thank you to all our wine club members. Your complete satisfaction with our wine selections, and willingness to recommend us to your friends and family has sustained us as America's leading wine club since 1992. We are very grateful.

"I work at The DiCarlo Group in Atlanta with Laura Cegala. I've worked with
the owner of the agency--Tim DiCarlo--for almost 10 years. We have
represented Food & Wine magazine for about five years. As a surprise gift,
Tim signed me up for the two bottles of wine a month program.

My husband and I love all the wines we have had so far! Just the idea of
knowing we will get a new delivery every month is fun. We enjoy reading
about and sharing the wine with our friends. My husband was so impressed,
he has asked me for your website and plans to give the same gift to business
clients of his.

Just wanted to share with you how much we are enjoying Gold Medal Wine Club."

Dian Wescott
Sales Associate