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Cinco de Mayo: 3 Misnomers, 3 Mexican Wines & a selection of Mexican Foods!

Kelsey Chesterfield

Cinco de Mayo is a day full of fiestas! But these festivities have strayed a bit from the cultural origins of the holiday. Do you think of sombreros, margaritas, beer and perhaps a rather large bowl of guacamole? If so, you’re not alone! But, if your history on the holiday is a bit fuzzy (of course, not due to the drinking…), we’ll give you a bit of a brush up on 3 common misnomers about May 5th.

Plus, we have the perfect way to celebrate this year’s fiesta — 3 amazing wines imported from Baja California, Mexico and a selection of gourmet, imported foods from various regions in Mexico. See how you can get your hands on these International Wine Club rare finds below.

1) Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day
Actually, Mexican Independence Day is September 16th and was declared in 1810, roughly 40 years before Cinco de Mayo became a holiday. The 5th of May celebrates the Mexican triumph over the French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Cinco de Mayo is also known as The Battle of Puebla Day.

2) Cinco de Mayo is NOT a big holiday in Mexico
While it May be hard to fathom (pun intended), Cinco de Mayo is a larger celebrated day in the United States than it is in Mexico. The holiday gained more momentum in the States during a time when Mexican Americans strived to strengthen their cultural identity and obtain equal rights in America.

3) May 5th is NOT a beer or margarita-only drinking holiday!
Often nicknamed “Cinco de Drinko”, the holiday is popular for making your favorite margaritas and picking up some imported Mexican cervezas...but don’t forget the wine! Mexican wine has been around for nearly 500 years and recently the wines from Valle de Guadalupe of Baja California are turning heads for their superb quality. And we just so happen to have our hands on 3 of the best selections!

You can choose to enjoy just the wines, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, add in the Mexican Adventure Package with gourmet, artisan foods, also imported from Mexico for the full experience!

Baja wines on Spanish Tile steps

The featured Baja California wines include:

Malagón 2017 Grenache Blanc?
Roganto 2016 "Piccolo" Red Blend
Solar Fortún 2016 "O Positivo" Red Blend

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Baja California includes:

Baja International Gourmet Adventure Package

• Extra Virgin Avocado Oil - Donoxti
• Sesame Honey Bites - Donoxti
• Multiflora Blossom Honey - Donoxti
• Mole Negro - Guelaguetza
• Mole Pipian - Hernán
Oaxaca Chocolate - Seasons of My Heart

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Baja wines and adventure pack