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Braised Chicken with Garlic and White Wine

There is no shortage of chicken lovers in the world. Chicken is delicious, healthy and easy to cook, which is why people are so much in love with this meaty delight. Chicken is redolent of garlic, so if you see a chicken dish with garlic in it, don’t wait for anyone and try it right away.

If you are looking to prepare a garlic chicken dish, then the only rule that you have to follow is that the flavor of garlic doesn’t overpower the flavor of the chicken. What you need is a balance in flavors because that’s how you will be getting a scrumptious chicken dish.

I would suggest that you should add garlic cloves with their skin on because this will keep the flavors in balance. If you are looking for a chicken recipe having garlic as the main ingredient, then, just keep reading the post, as we are going to discuss just that.

Recipe Name: Braised Chicken with Garlic and White Wine

• 2-3 ½ pound whole chickens
• 6 tbsps extra-virgin olive oil
• 5 whole heads of garlic (around 70), cloves separated and unpeeled
• 6 fresh and large thyme sprigs
• 2 cups of dry white wine

1.The first step is to remove excess fat off chicken. After doing it, sprinkle some salt & pepper on the chicken.

2. Gently smash garlic cloves in order to flatten them slightly. Make sure that the peel remains attached and cloves don’t break.

3. Take a large red copper frying pan and heat 4 tbsps., extra-virgin olive oil in it over medium-high heat. Cut each chicken into 8 pieces, and add 8 pieces of chicken into the pan. Cook chicken until it gets brown from all sides. This will take 10-12 minutes. After that, transfer chicken to a plate.

4. Add 2 tbsps., extra-virgin olive oil in the pan along with garlic. Stir garlic for 4 minutes or until garlic becomes golden brown. Now, it’s time to add 2 cups of wine and 6 thyme sprigs into the pan. Once you add these two ingredients, turn on the heat and bring to boil.

5. Add chicken to the pan from the plate and reduce the heat to medium. Cover the pan and let the chicken cook for a few minutes. Flip chicken pieces after every 5 minutes for about 20 minutes. Make sure that the sauce doesn’t cover chicken. Turn off the heat after 20 minutes and sprinkle some salt and pepper on the chicken for flavoring.

6. Add chicken to a serving plate followed by spooning garlic cloves around the chicken and finally, drizzling the sauce over.

With this, the recipe is complete. You can make this recipe on the weekend and enjoy it with your family and/or friends. They will definitely love it and might ask for the recipe, but don’t you give it that easily. Let me know how you like the recipe.

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