Why We Drink Champagne On New Years


CHEERS!! We can imagine it now...you’re dressed to the nines in a sleek outfit ready for a night on the town, or decked out head-to-toe in sparkles ready for a dance floor. Or perhaps a slower pace is more your style with a cozy evening at home and allowing the kids to revel in the opportunity to stay up until midnight and bang pots and pans. Regardless of your New Year’s Eve plans, a Champagne glass is bound to be in your hand when you ring in the New Year!

But why Champagne? Why not some other type of special drink?

The answer is actually rather simple. Champagne’s classic effervescent qualities of beautiful, lively bubbles that seems to dance as they float to the top of your glass, and its crisp, fresh flavors has long been known as an expensive indulgence - one to be drunk at special occasions.

Champagne, as it turns out, came to life as a result of a happy accident during the fermentation process way back when. It is said that in this “unfortunate” event, barrels ended up freezing which stopped the initial fermentation. The following Spring, temperatures rose and the wine thawed, causing the fermentation to begin again resulting in higher levels of carbon dioxide. The resulting bubbles were considered a great flaw in the wine. However, as history shows, this process has been replicated and refined and now the two-phase fermentation is known as the Traditional Method, or as you’d see on a Champagne bottle: Méthod Traditionelle.

Once Champagne producers perfected the technique, it became a prized beverage for religious events and joyous occasions eventually transforming into a status symbol because its expensive nature. Ever since, it has solidified its place as just that: a delightful symbol.

The mere mention of Champagne sends visions of elegant celebrations, special events and an all-around feeling of joy. Everything about its presentation oozes significance; from the streamlined bottles, triumphant "POP!" of the cork, watching the foam overflow your stylish Champagne flute to the delicate bubbles that continue to dance on your tongue.

Luckily for us, New Years is just around the corner! We can all enjoy popping a bottle of bubbly and toasting to a prosperous 2018!

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Cheers to you and to everything 2018 has in store!