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California's Northern Wine Country Ravaged by Flames

Photo by Jeff Chiu/AP Photo via ABC 7 News.

A letter from our Company Founders on the fires that continue to devastate California Wine Country

Gold Medal Wine Club was founded upon the backs of California’s small, family-owned wineries. For 25-plus years, we have been privileged to work closely with the most acclaimed wineries in Northern California. The people we’ve met along the way account for the most generous, hardworking and trustworthy people we know. A handshake is a valid contract. The delicious wines that our club members have discovered along with us showcase the hard work, love and dedication that goes into creating exceptional wines.

As the massive wildfires that started last Sunday night continue to claim lives, swallow entire neighborhoods, and destroy the once thriving communities in Northern California, we realize that we owe our success in part to every vineyard and winery owner and the thousands of people involved in maintaining the world-class wine regions of our State. This is Day 4 of the fires, there is zero containment, and the winds are picking up, spreading embers into neighboring counties. The sheer magnitude of loss of life is overwhelming, and neighborhoods reduced to ashes are heartbreaking. We are reminded of the leadership role that California’s first responders take in disasters such as this. Our fire fighters have been stretched thin as our ‘fire season’ is now year-round. In light of the phenomenal work that they are doing to bring these fires under control, we are donating a portion of October’s proceeds to The California Fire Foundation.

The wines of Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Calistoga Counties have graced our tables for decades. We will continue to support them through this terrible time.

Linda and David Chesterfield
GMWC Founders

Click here if you would like to donate to The California Fire Foundation. You will be redirected to their website.