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Best Wine Varietals to Try This Fall

Outstanding wines are oftentimes difficult to find in your neighborhood grocery store or wine shop. You shop online for clothes and other items, so why not wine too? All of these options are on our Best Fall Wines list for a reason - they are worth your attention! Especially as we get further into the Fall Season. Plus, as it’s getting colder out, wine delivered directly to your door seems like a pretty fantastic option, don’t you think? Pick out some of your favorite red and white varietals and relax...we’ll do the rest for you!

There are thousands, yes thousands of different wine varietals in the world and even more if you count all of the hybrid varietals. Hundreds of these grape varietals call our small (in the grand scheme of things) region of California home. Here, Cabernet Sauvignon may be King with Chardonnay as its Queen, but there are plenty of other red and white wine varietals grown in California that offer great taste, body and flare. Not to mention our recommended wines can pair beautifully with Fall-inspired recipes - including your Thanksgiving feast. See a few of our top picks for top wines and varietals to try this Fall!

White Wine Varietals to Try:

White wine is known to be refreshing and the perfect companion for unwinding after work, cooking dinner or enjoying some hors d’oeuvres with friends. Summers can be dominated with fantastic Chardonnays, bright Rieslings and balanced Sauvignon Blancs but when it comes to turning the corner into Fall, you may be ready for a change of pace.

Viognier wine in a glass


Pronounced Vi-ohn-yay, this Northern Rhône varietal is known to be an aromatic, dry white wine varietal boasting full notes of apricots, orange blossom and honey on the nose, with mimicking characteristics on the palate. Elegant and well-balanced we recommend pouring it as an aperitif or pairing it with dishes such as Classic Ceviche, pork chops or chicken.

Mengler 2018 Viognier
Section Wines 2020 Viognier

Rose wine in a glass


Drinking pink is not only for the Summer months! Rosés are typically made from blending various grape varietals together resulting in a finished wine that has grown to be complex, dry and enjoyably fresh. Ranging from floral to fragrant red berry fruit aromas, Rosé wines can be light and lively while possessing a palate varying between acidic and creamy with rich and diverse notes — thus, making it a perfect pairing for any Fall dish. We recommend trying Gnocchi with Brown Butter, Sage and Chanterelles, a number of pastas or Duck with Figs.

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Roussanne wine in a glass


Pronounced Shar-doh-nay, this is by far the foremost white grape of Burgundy and has become ever-present in today’s wine world. Because the Chardonnay grape itself is relatively neutral and comes in a wide variety of styles it is an easy wine for wine and food pairings. Try it with cheese, fish, turkey to name a few. However, stay clear of overly spicy dishes and avoid dishes having heavy flavorings that upstage the delicate range of flavors in the wine. Think apples, smoked salmon, provolone, pears...the choice is yours!

Tamber Bey 2019 Chardonnay
MaCauley 2019 Chardonnay

Red Wines to Try:

Red wines can be considered a go-to when thinking of wine pairings for robust and heavier Fall recipes. But, apart from the very popular Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel, which are the top 4 most planted red wine varietals in California, there are others worthy of your attention this Fall.

Barbera wine grapes

Cabernet Sauvignon:

The Cabernet Sauvignon grape, pronounced Ca-ber-NAY Saw-vee-nyon, is a more obvious pick due to its popularity and cellar-worthy wines it produces. Deeply colored, tannic and oaky from barrel aging, Cabernets are often seen as a 'big' wine, however, lighter versions can also be made and are decadently fresh and fruity. Its aromas can evoke black currant, cedar, dark berries, dark fruit, tobacco, vanilla, and more. Because of these characteristics, we recommend pairing a bottle of Cab with foods that are just as big and bold to get the most out of your meal - and the wine!

Bellacana 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon
Cedergreen 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon

Grenache wine pouring into a glass


The widely planted Grenache varietal has made a name for itself as a sturdy grape with thin, dark purple skins, yet the finished wine results in a surprisingly light-colored red wine with minimal tannins. But don’t ride it off so quickly! Wonderfully vibrant and complex, Grenache-only wines are full-bodied with aromas and flavors of berry fruits, black cherries, spices, roasted nuts and black pepper. An amazing choice for Fall and one to enjoy with recipes such as Roasted Lamb with Juniper Berries and a handful of other meat or vegetable dishes.

Vigo 2016 Grenache
Martellotto 2020 Grenache

Tempranillo wine grapes

Pinot Noir:

Last, but definitely not least, the Pinot Noir red wine varietal is a seductive red grape affectionatly referred to as the "heart break grape" because it is unpredictable and sensitive to grow. Pinots can come in a wide range of styles, some tend to be of light to medium body with an aroma reminiscent of black cherry, raspberry or currant. Whereas others can highlight a more powerful, fruit forward and darker wine. Because of this wide range of styles, Pinots are amazing when paired with just about anything (as long as it doesn't overpower the wine!).

Noria 2019 Pinot Noir
Lumen 2017 Pinot Noir

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