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Beyond a Tasting Room: The Best (Unexpected) Places to Taste Wine

Meghan Fitzgerald

Drink Outside the Box

Where can’t you buy a glass of wine these days?

From vending machines to cat cafes, wine is finding its place on the shelf and in the hands of customers not seen in previous years. The steady increase in millennial consumption of the beverage, as well as a trend toward packaging wine so as to encourage and enable mobility have both proven powerful forces behind the proliferation and availability of wine, resulting in a movement as progressively inclusive as the atmosphere of the time.

Old World Vs. New World Wine Tasting

White wine glass on cafe table in EuropeThe only thing better than enjoying a glass of your favorite wine is enjoying that very same glass with a side of your favorite golden fries, a luxury European and Asian consumers of McDonald’s have enjoyed for years, but an experience American consumers have yet to enjoy from the fast food franchise despite increased interest and demand. What’s the point of a signature glass featuring the iconic ‘golden arches’ - actually available for purchase on Etsy and eBay - with nothing to serve?

Fear not, however, fast foodie fans!

Shake Shack and Pizza Hut have come to the rescue of American oenophiles across the nation, each offering guests a choice of a red or white variety along with the usual featured items, understanding that it is as much a pleasure to pair wine in a shack or a hut as it is within the hallowed halls of a MICHELIN ordained restaurant.

A Disney State of Wine

Rollercoaster at Disneyland coming out of a mountainDisney too, never a company to let an opportunity pass and being in possession of a park within the same state limits as Napa and Sonoma, has made the move to incorporate wine into the park experience, most notably with the introduction of the Disneyland Food and Wine Festival, along with various vintages and varieties offered in the park restaurants and resort hotels. After all, how could the executives at Disney claim the park to be the ‘happiest place on earth’ without even a ‘happy hour’ for guests to enjoy?

The Top Off Unexpected Places To Enjoy A Glass

Now that you know your favorite wine is within reach and without limited access, don’t hesitate to order that glass from the guy in the brand visor or the girl with the roller skates. Stay curious, reader, and you’ll never miss out!

To help give you a taste of what’s possible, here are a few selections we recommend from the menu:

  1. The Cat Cafe or Cantina

  2. Theme Parks and Fairs (e.g. Disneyland)

  3. Fast Food Restaurants (e.g. Shake Shack, Pizza Hut, and McDonalds, available in France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, South Korea, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, and Portugal)

  4. Coffee Shops (e.g. Starbucks)

  5. Hair and Beauty Salons

  6. Retail Stores (e.g. Tommy Bahama and L.L. Bean)

  7. The Movie Theater

  8. National Parks and Museums

  9. Colleges and Universities (e.g. The Institute for Enology and Viticulture)

*Please continue to refer to state guidelines for safe social practices.

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Meghan Fitzgerald Author Bio Picture Author Bio: Meghan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald is a recent graduate of enology and viticulture from the Institute for Enology and Viticulture in Walla Walla Washington and currently works as a contributing author for the wine marketing industry with a focus in content writing. She continues to write feature pieces for Gold Medal Wine Club as she works toward establishing herself as a professional writer within the wine industry.