Art of Fine Wine, a Celebration of the Textures of Life, TM

Vineyard Goldwas painted by Jennifer Vranes, a contemporary artist who enjoys working with extreme texture and bright colors. Her pieces portray an intense energy that is both positive and uplifting.

Jennifer painted Vineyard Gold using thick acrylic on canvas - a technique called Textures of Life TM, something she created years ago in which she literally sculpts on the canvas in spots "where nature intended". The style frequently leaves the viewer to reach out toward the painting to make sure they really are seeing in 3-D, to which she comments, "Go ahead! Touch it! My paintings are meant to be irresistible to your fingertips!"

Jennifer uses inspiration from her world travels to bring beauty to her canvases. Vibrant color mixed with the extreme texture leave the viewer with euphoric sensations.  Her positive outlook on the world is inherent within her art, as she has stated, "The world is a beautiful place and it is my goal to bring to light the utopias I find most precious for the enjoyment of others."