A fine wine & food pairing that's easy enough for a weeknight!

Handley Cellars 2009 Pinot Noir is the most recent feature from the Gold Series. This wine is so popular and has achieved such impressive reviews, that it is now sold out at the winery, and is available in limited quantities only through Gold Medal Wine Club or various restaurants in California. What a find!

Because fine wine should be accompanied by great food, try this easy-to-make recipe as a beautiful accompaniment to your bottle:

You'll need:

1 Pound Blue Cheese, Crumbled

1/2 Pound Unsalted Butter at Room Temperature

3 Tablespoons Marsala

1/4 Cup Minced Parsley

1/2 Cup Minced Green Onion

4 Ounces Chopped Pistachio meats


Reserve half of the crumbled blue cheese. Combine half  of the blue cheese with the butter, cream cheese, and Marsala and blend in a mixer (a food processor will work, too) until well combined.  Add parsley and green onion, and mix until evenly combined. Remove from mixer and arrange on your serving plate or in your serving bowl. Sprinkle the reserved cheese crumbles to the top and serve!