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8 New Year’s Wine Resolutions for 2023

2023 is upon us! Positive vibes are at an all-time high going into the new year which usually means planning New Year’s Resolutions. Or perhaps digging up the one from past years and dusting it off for the fifth year in a row. But hey, fifth time’s the charm, right? But THIS year will be different because, well, it’s 2023 and a new year means a new you!

Taking a wild has probably not been a part of your resolution list in the past.

However, there are plenty of goals and New Year’s Resolutions for wine lovers that are within reach and luckily there’s always more than enough room to grow into your wine-aficionado alter ego, which admittedly most likely comes out in direct correlation to how much wine is left in the bottle. Anyhow, we can’t think of a more enjoyable way to expand your horizons than drinking more exciting wines for the grand year of 2023.

Go ahead and set some of your own, or add some of ours, to your growing list of wine resolutions for 2023. The more the merrier so let’s get the corks popping and wines flowing!

Wine grapes in soil stained hands

1) Branch Out

A magnificent thing about wine is that it’s always changing. New wineries, new vintages, new wines, new up-and-coming regions, and the list goes on. We’re getting excited just thinking about it! So, whether you’re already a wine tasting pro or just dabbling with the idea of learning more about wine, there’s always room to taste more. That’s right, we’re saying you should taste more wine! When you taste a variety of different wines, you’ll begin to develop your palate and find your taste preferences. By all means continue enjoying the wines you’ve come to know and love, but branching out every now and again will surely fulfill this New Year’s Wine Resolution.

White wine being poured into a glass

2) Learn Wine Terminology

There’s no better way to announce “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT” than if you mispronounce or use the wrong wine terminology in the presence of wine fanatics. While this is a learning curve, don’t worry! Start with a handful of phrases and words or perhaps try talking to your obnoxiously wine-snobby friend who might help you figure out what in the world terms like palate, terroir, or biodynamic wine actually means. Plus, where do you even begin when the tasting notes use descriptives such as freshly cut grass, tar, or damp forest are we supposed to know what those taste like? Last I checked, people don’t usually go around munching on freshly mowed grass or lapping up tar at the beach, so how are we supposed to pick up on these nuances in our wine? An obvious solution would be to do a bit of research and try to pinpoint these subtleties, or you can simply keep drinking and tasting more wine! We prefer the latter. In doing so you’ll start to pick up on the various smells and flavors that fit the tasting descriptions and who knows, you might even find yourself using some fancy new wine terms while you “let your wine breathe”.

Shopping for wine

3) Go Beyond the Label

This can be one of the harder Resolutions to execute because it means looking at details given on the labels beyond what we find aesthetically pleasing. A good place to start would be the varietal - this can be decided based on things such as recipes, your mood, or simply taste preference. Next, look at the region - this could hinge on whether or not you want to try something new (remember Resolution #1) or if you’re fond of a particular wine growing area. Another clue to search for might be the vintage - it could be a newer vintage of a wine you already like, or you could have heard that “ah yes...2012 was a great year”. These are all possible aspects to sway your decision regardless of the label. I can already hear the internal voices crying out “but...the label’s so pretty!” Now, if you are a label shopper (no shame in that!) or shop by the best deal of the day, you can still use some of these suggestions to narrow down your choices and select a great wine with an eye-catching label.

Group of friends enjoying wine and chees in a vineyard

4) Throw A Wine Tasting Party!

Hurray! Another excuse to throw a party and drink wine, all the while being able to call it research. I know it’s hard, but someone has to do it. The key element here is to purchase said wine - queue Online Wine Store. Next, invite the party people. But remember, the goal is to enjoy the wine, learn about the wine, become the wine...that being said, there may be a few people you can cross of the list. But hey, it doesn’t need to be a stuffy, lame, get-together - go all out, set a theme, make people dress up, play wine games or challenge your taste buds by setting up a Blind Tasting. The sky is the limit!

Basking in the sun at a vineyard drinking wine

5) Take A Wine Vacation

Now we’re talking, am I right? First a party and now a vacation, we could all get used to this. But in all seriousness, there is no better way to taste wine than at the winery itself. Pack your bags and spend the weekend in wine country sipping on great wine, learning about the winery and enjoying the soothing ambiance. You’ll get to see the vineyards first hand, explore where wine is made and interact with the staff, or maybe even the owner, or winemaker. But best of all, it’s a special opportunity to ask questions and discover what goes into crafting the wines you’re tasting. Remember to purchase a few bottles to enjoy back at home too! If you’re unsure about where to start or which wineries to visit, browse or list of amazing wine producers that have been featured in our Wine Clubs.

Decanting red wine

6) Try Drinking Better Quality

An excellent idea is to try a bottle of wine every now and again that is one or two steps above the quality level you typically gravitate to. We’re not talking $200 bottles of wine every week, but rather wines that will take your tasting experience to the next level. These might be slightly more expensive depending on your typical wine budget, but it is well worth it. All wine is not made the same and tasting the difference between say, mass-produced wines and small-lot, hand-crafted wines will be a great way to treat yourself while refining your palate. You don’t need to wait for a fancy occasion or special night out!

Pin in a map

7) Explore What The World Has To Offer

It’s easy to get into the habit of purchasing wines made in the US which, granted, are the most prevalent in US wine stores. But if you stay within the US bubble, you're doing yourself a great disservice! Don’t get me wrong, US wines are outstanding but we also recommend traveling abroad every now and then. We all know France is a major player when it comes to international wines and that’s a great place to start. See our post about How To Read French Wine Labels to understand what to look for so you can choose French wines with confidence. However, there are so many other countries producing wonderful, high-quality wines that deserve equal attention. Spain, Italy, Argentina, Chile and Australian wines can usually be found without much digging and are all solid options. If you catch the travel bug and become enthralled by international wines, you may want to look beyond the typical countries and go for a lesser-known option such as South Africa, Croatia or Portugal. Another idea is to throw an international wine party and knock 3 Resolutions out all at once!

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8) Join The Best Wine Club On The Planet!

Last but definitely not least, think about joining a wine of the month club - more specifically, The Best Wine Club on the Planet...aka Gold Medal Wine Club! What better way to branch out than having award-winning wines arrive at your home. Each one is chosen for its quality and by featuring different wineries each month you get a chance to try a wide range of varietals too! Not only can you broaden your horizons, you can read about your newly acquired wines (don’t worry, we customarily leave out the damp forest floor and old saddle leather type adjectives), learn the story behind the wineries that produced them, as well as learn more about the region, winemaker and more in the monthly newsletter that accompanies the wines. You can even choose from a number of different Combo Cases if you’re throwing a party and, while you’re at it, you might as well include a Blind Tasting kit to spice things up! Plus, there are 6 club options to choose from so you can keep your wallet happy and enjoy superb wine all in one fell swoop. Want to enjoy the finest wines? No problem, we have our Platinum and Diamond Wine Clubs poised and ready! Not to mention you can take a trip 4x per year to different countries with the International Wine Club option. Doesn’t get much better than that for wine lovers!

Except that it does.

I mentioned keeping your wallet happy and what better way to do that than receiving wines at up to 40% off winery retail prices! Award-winning, small-lot wines have never been easier to come by. Sign up or give a wine club gift and we’ll help you with nearly all of these 8 New Year’s Wine Resolutions for 2023!


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