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6 Tips and Tricks To Stop Red Wine From Staining Your Teeth

We’ve all been there...the struggle to keep your teeth sparkling white while enjoying a nice glass of burgundy-colored red wine. Since a majority of the wines we feature in our monthly wine clubs are red wines, we thought we could lend you a few sips of advise. Especially those of you red-only drinkers, you’ll want to keep these 6 tips and tricks in mind the next time you pour yourself a glass!

Toothbrush1. Brush Before Drinking - Not After
Try to resist the urge to brush after you drink, even if you can see the purple tint start to appear. Brushing at this point mixed with the acidity of the wine can actually damage your tooth enamel. The best trick is preventative measures! The tannins in wine can cling more readily to plaque buildup, so by brushing and flossing before you drink a glass should help rid your teeth of the plaque accumulated throughout the day - making it harder for the color to stick and easier for your teeth to stay white! We know that wine and minty toothpaste don’t make for the best combo, so try brushing your teeth about an hour before drinking to prevent stains and an hour after you stop drinking to refrain from damaging your teeth with your toothbrush.

Although brushing your teeth before drinking can prevent the red teeth stains, it is important NOT to drink any reds or dark colored foods or liquids at least 48 hours after whitening your teeth. Some whitening products work by stripping away the stained enamel which temporarily makes them whiter, but also leaves open pores on the teeth which makes them more susceptible to discoloration. You wouldn’t want to spend the time and money to get perfectly whitened teeth, just to have some red wine reverse all the progress, would you?

White wine2. Avoid Drinking White Wine Before Red
Before you get too sad, we’re definitely not saying to avoid white wine altogether! But the common practice of drinking white before red actually helps red stains stick to your teeth. Whites are typically more acidic than reds and since acidity erodes enamel, by drinking white before red your teeth are more susceptible to the color and tannins in red wine. Although all reds can stain, the more intense the grapes pigment is, the darker the stain will be, so watch out for “Malbec and Merlot mouth,” Syrah stains, and consider yourself warned about Cabernet Sauvignon. While the wine world recommends drinking whites before reds, make sure to safeguard your teeth with a few of the other tips in this list!

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Sparkling water3. Water or Sparkling Water
Not only is it just a good idea to keep a glass of water near by to help manage the alcohol consumption, but it’s also beneficial to aid in swishing away the wine left behind on your teeth. If you don’t like the idea of swishing water to rinse your mouth each time you take a sip of wine, another option is sparkling water. Similar to how club soda can get stains out of shirts and carpet, the bubbles can also help loosen and wash away the color from your teeth without being too obvious.

Brochetta and wine4. Food
This may be an obvious one, but eating food while drinking red wine will help remove the red-colored residue as you chew. In fact, according to dentists, eating fiber-rich foods while drinking red wine promotes the production of saliva, another helpful tool to rid your teeth of stains. Foods such as spinach, lentils, artichokes, broccoli, and avocados are all rich in fiber. Perhaps keep this trick in mind when deciding what to order off the menu!

Cheese5. Cheese
Rejoice! Cheese is actually a beneficial food to eat while drinking reds. Why? Cheese contains tooth-loving calcium - an essential mineral for healthy teeth. Additionally, both hard and creamy cheeses actually provide a thin coating and assists in filling the porous surface of your teeth, blocking the tannins and red color from getting in and staining teeth. Not to mention cheese and wine pairing is out of this world! So go ahead...order the cheese plate. Your teeth will thank you for it.

Wine Away Wipes6. Wine Away Wipes
If these tips don’t do the trick, there are a few different “wine wipes” out there which help rid your teeth of stains after enjoying a glass of red wine. Do not confuse this with the ‘Wine Away’ used for wine spills and stains! We're not quite sure what's in it, but it can't be good for your teeth! The tooth wipes are made specifically for your teeth and are not as abrasive as using a toothbrush. So if you’re in a pinch and didn’t follow any of the prior tips, the wipes should come in handy.

In the end, don’t fret! You can still enjoy the glory of red wine from your Monthly Wine Club shipments worry free. Use some of these tips and tricks the next time you pour yourself a glass, and be sure to smile! Red wine doesn’t have to stop you from showing off your pearly whites.


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