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5 Red Wine Gift Sets for the Red Wine Lover in Your Life

With the holidays fast approaching, it's never too early to start thinking about the perfect Christmas gift boxes for that special someone. And if that someone is a red wine lover, then a wine-themed gift basket may be just the pairing you’re looking for. Check out these fun and classy gift ideas for wine lovers.

Two bottles and a glass of red wine

Why Gift Red Wines?

More than any other gift, perhaps, red wine symbolizes the joys of sharing in the tradition of breaking bread with others. While you can certainly choose to drink red wines as cocktails, more often than not these bottles belong on the dinner table, surrounded by warm conversation and steaming dishes.

Cabernet belongs with roasted meats and hearty pasta dishes. Pinot Noir sings when paired with risottos, herbed sauces, and cheese boards. Gifting red wine invites your wine lover to share in the experience of toasting a glass to good company.

And unlike most white wines, red wines have the added benefit of being able to age. Red wines have tannins - that grippy mouthfeel when you take a sip - that white wines lack. Tannins, together with the wine’s acid, act as natural preservatives.

So whether your friend or loved one decides to pop the cork immediately or opts to hold onto the bottle, your red wine gift will age gracefully and be ready to drink on any occasion.

Selecting red wine holiday gift baskets doesn’t have to be overwhelming, even if you’re not a wine drinker yourself. If you’re not sure where to start, ask your red wine enthusiast about their favorite wines. Find out what wines they enjoy and let that be your guide.

Browse our Wine Shop to discover a specially curated selection of wine-themed holiday gift sets. You’ll find gift ideas for wine lovers that come with the finest hand-select bottles sourced from small, quality-focused estates. Sending class Christmas gift boxes has never been easier!

Cabernet Sauvignon and Truffles Gift Set

1. Blissful Decadence: Cabernet Sauvignon and Truffles

For the bold wine connoisseur, consider a luxurious gift box of Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet has a well-deserved reputation as being a big wine - ripe black fruit, rich baking spice, and chewy tannins.

Inside this holiday gift set, you’ll find artisanal chocolate truffles to pair with your wine. These silky chocolates and luscious red wines will warm the pallet of your wine lover in the New Year. This Three Delicious Cabs and Chocolate Truffles Christmas gift set includes California’s finest Cabernet Sauvignon and eight handmade truffles.

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Pinot Noir and chocolate truffles gift set

2. Bottled Elegance: Pinot Noir, Truffles, and Toffee

Offering restrained elegance, Pinot Noir showcases sensual red cherry, bramble, spice, and fine-grained tannins that will please any foodie in your life. Pinot Noir has a lighter-bodied wine and is more approachable than Cabernet Sauvignon. These are classy wines with a reputation as being among the most highly prized in the world.

These holiday gift sets include two top-rated California Pinot Noirs each scoring over 90+ points by industry professionals along with rich caramel treats. The bright cherry in these wines will complement the creamy caramels for a decadent experience. This box set is a gift wrapped Christmas of grace and polish for your special someone.

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93+ wine gift set

3. Only the Best: 93+ Point Wines and Truffles

The ultimate gift for your favorite wine collector, this highly-rated wine gift box includes two hand-selected red wines each scoring over 93+ points from top wine experts. You’ll find iconic selections that you’ll be hard-pressed to find on store shelves from small estate producers.

Highly-rated wines have the added benefit of being able to age with grace. Wine experts look for this quality when assessing a red wine. What’s the tannin level? What’s the acid level? How concentrated is the fruit? All of these qualities will allow a red wine to age with grace. If you have a wine aficionado in your life, then these will surely be a much-appreciated gift for any serious wine collector.

This 93+ Top Tier Wines and Chocolate Christmas gift set includes an attractive wine-themed gift box for the wines, along with 8 handmade truffles tucked inside, a hand-written gift card, and a tasteful organza gift bag.

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Wine Spa Day gift set

4. A Complete Experience: Wine Spa Day

Looking for last-minute Christmas wine presents for mom? The Wine Spa Day gift basket may be just what she’d love. This holiday gift set comes with bubbly Champagne, powerful Cabernet Sauvignon, wine-infused soaps, and luxurious lotions that will leave her merry and radiant.

The Cabernet calls for an intimate meal for two. The Champagne sparkles will pair with a steaming bubble bath. What more does she need to de-stress from the season and ease into the holiday spirit than wine and bubbly? Treat her to a full-on wine-spa experience. Your lovely lady will adore this attractive gift box meant just for her.

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Wine Country Gift Box

5. For the Foodie: Wine Country Gift Baskets

The best part about wine is sharing it with others. If you know someone with a flare food and wine pairing, then Wine Country Gift Baskets are the perfect choice.

Gift baskets are crowd-pleasers, and this one is no different! Inside our Wine Country Gift Baskets, you’ll find organic roasted nuts, raw honey, organic jam, organic hot sauce, and to finish things off, a little something sweet with organic dark chocolate.

As for the wines, discover some of California’s best. This wine country gift set includes a specially curated bottle of red and white that will be perfect for any social occasion that brings together friends and family.

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Selecting the Perfect Red Wine Gift Set

All of our red wine gift boxes include highly sought-after wines from the finest producers dedicated to crafting wines of elegance and stature. We take the stress out of finding that perfect wine for your special someone by working directly with winemakers across California. Our gift box wines deliver quality in every bottle that even the pickiest wine drinker will appreciate.

No matter where your giftee lives, send them something memorable this holiday season. Whether you’re looking for last minute Christmas wine presents for mom, or a curated hand-selection of Pinot Noir, the Wine Shop can help you cross off the names on your gift list with holiday gift boxes that will win over the wine aficionado in your life.