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Gold Medal Wine Club
5330 Debbie Road, Suite 200
Santa Barbara, California 93111
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Welcome to Gold Medal Wine Club. America's Leading Independent Wine Club since 1992. Celebrating 20+ Years!
Garagiste Series
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Save $$$ in the wine store when you buy six or more wines-- combine any wine*, any series!

*Does not apply to Sale or Specials wines.

Dierberg  2010 Chardonnay Santa Maria Valley
Dierberg 2010 Chardonnay
Santa Maria Valley


Chesterfield 2005 Syrah Murphy's Reserve
Chesterfield2005 Syrah
Murphy's Reserve


Last Call
Martellotto 2012 Cabernet Franc M by Martellotto
Martellotto2012 Cabernet Franc
Martellotto Wines
M by Martellotto


Martellotto 2013 Chardonnay M by Martellotto
Martellotto2013 Chardonnay
Martellotto Wines
M by Martellotto


Five Wine Gifts in One! A Tote, two Wines, Opener & Stopper Set
Five Wine Gifts in One!
A Tote, two Wines, Opener & Stopper Set


  1. Metrokane Opener
    Metrokane Opener
    Red Rabbit Corkscrew


    Award-Winning Design
    id: 283
  2. Red Wine Aerator
    Red Wine Aerator
    Made for all red wines


    Vinturi - Best in the Market
    id: 285
  3. White Wine Aerator
    White Wine Aerator
    Made exclusively for white wines


    Vinturi - Best in the Market
    id: 559
  4. Three Gifts in one!
    Three Gifts in one!
    Wine tote, opener & wine stopper


    Best Selling Combo
    id: 282
  5. Seriously Simple
    Seriously Simple
    A "Stunning" Hard Bound Cook Book


    Easy Recipes - Great Photos
    id: 556
  6. Wine Barrel Cork Cage
    Wine Barrel Cork Cage
    for collectors


    Cool Way to Keep Corks
    id: 757
  7. Jessica Foster Truffles
    Jessica Foster Truffles
    8 Hand-Crafted Chocolate Truffles


    Incredibly Delicious!!!
    id: 722
  8. 4 Piece Wine Opener Set
    4 Piece Wine Opener Set
    Round Cherry Veneer Gift Box


    Love this versatile set
    id: 2063
  9. Professional Corkscrew
    Professional Corkscrew
    Sturdy. Reliable. Built to last!


    Our go-to wine opener
    id: 815
  10. BNY Wine Travel Tote
    BNY Wine Travel Tote
    One Bottle - Black Neoprene


    Keeps wine cool up to 4 hours
    id: 305
  11. Prosciutto - Italiano
    Prosciutto - Italiano
    Carla Bardi - Truly Italian Cook Book


    Fantastico! Bello. Bello.
    id: 554
  12. Wine Away
    Wine Away
    12-oz.. Red Wine Stain Remover Spray


    id: 570
  13. Wine Country Gift Box
    Wine Country Gift Box
    Holds 2 bottles of gift wrapped wine


    Artist Commissioned Series
    id: 30
  14. Champagne Stopper
    Champagne Stopper


    id: 569