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Revolver Wine Company - Napa Valley

Revolver Cabernet Franc speaks for itself from the very first sip

The course that owner Bryan Page traversed in founding his Napa Valley Revolver Wine Company is most certainly unique in the annals of the supremely revered wine valley. It involves careers in both food and teaching, followed by a calling to the wine industry itself.

Let’s start at the beginning. Bryan Page, a southern California native of English extraction began drinking beer at a young age, not unlike many other teenagers. At sixteen, Page decided he wanted a cooking career and eventually entered and graduated from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. This experience with handling all types of food and the resulting closeness to California’s expansive wine country changed Page’s preferences to wine. He was now able to savor the delight of being able to pair food and wine into a harmonic blend of culinary fulfillment.

“I must admit,” Page stated recently, “that I found myself in Napa, Sonoma or Santa Cruz each weekend I was off from school. I believe there was some sort of calling, and I wanted to be as near the wine country as possible.” Page managed an internship at the popular Wine Spectator, where he helped with the exhausting wine tastings that were almost a daily occurrence. He next secured an additional internship at Napa’s Truchard Vineyards in Carneros where he stayed from 1991 until 1995 and ultimately became the assistant winemaker. During that stint he also made wines for Havens Wine Cellars and was the chef at close-by Domaine Carneros Winery owned by Taittinger.

“It was really a wonderful time period in my life,” Page explained further, “I was really able to learn a great deal about the wine business even though I was working myself to the bone.” In his spare time, Page decided to enroll at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) and get his degree in Hotel Administration. His past culinary experience appealed to the school’s administrators and Page was asked to teach classes while he was still a student. After receiving his degree, he taught a summer course in Switzerland for students from several prestigious culinary schools in the US and Switzerland and could easily have had a career in academia.

But, once again the Napa Valley beaconed to Page. Forsaking the teaching opportunities, he returned there and went back to work for Havens Wine Cellars in 1997. The following year, he decided it was time to try the wine business for himself and his first venture (36 cases) was produced under the Page Cellars brand. In 2003, Page introduced the Revolver Wine Company to instant rave reviews. He called his Revolver releases “The Fury” and produced limited amounts of specific varietals that he sourced from the finest vineyards around the valley.

Behind it all, Bryan Page continued his quest to produce really top flight wines that would pair perfectly with certain foods on his table. He received a great deal of encouragement from a luncheon at Domaine Chandon when the executive chef produced a meal and then narrated each course and its association with certain wines.

“The entire afternoon actually blew my mind,” Page recalled. “Everything was absolutely perfect and I was both amazed and impressed. It was one of those pinnacle moments in someone’s experience that affects the way you view the rest of your career.” Even though it has been a long time coming, Page is now the proud owner of a bonded winery in Napa itself, complete with a two-barrel and board tasting space.

“The place is truly ‘My Space’” Page joked. “I am proud to say I am a one man operation and I do all the work myself. I can tell you about every single aspect of every wine. I don’t think there are many other winemakers who can say that.” Page is also proud of the fact that he has recently signed his first long-term grape contract for Revolver from a vineyard near the Silverado Country Club, where he will have full control of both the vines and the grapes. Since his operation is now producing over 1800 cases a year, Page feels that the grape contracts will allow him an excellent supply base on which to grow his business.

“I started with a little money from family, friends and fools, and it seems like it all turning out quite well,” he concluded.

It is almost impossible to disagree with Bryan Page and his marvelous wines.

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    2004 Cabernet Franc
    The Fury
    Napa Valley


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